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  1. Supports Automated Trading.
  2. Supports Bracket and Cover Orders.
  3. Supports Place Order/Order Modification/Order Cancellation (Limit/Market/StopLoss/Bracket/Cover).
  4. Close remaining positions from Amibroker if any.
  5. Reads MTM, Traded Qty, Order placement Status from Amibroker Terminal.
  6. Paper Trading Facility for all segments (Equity,Futures, Currency & Commodity Derivatives).
  7. Supports all segments (Equity,Futures, Currency & Commodity Derivatives).
  8. Reatime Watchlists and Place Order from the Watchlist.
  9. Seamless Integration with Amibroker.
  10. Get Alerts and Notifications on Trading Positions.
  11. Intraday MTM Mobile Notifications at Frequent Intervals.
  12. Time based Automated Square-off.
  13. Seperate Orderbook for Algos.
  14. Set Intraday MTM based portfolio level stoploss and Targets.

  15. Download 7 days free trial