1)What is AlgoStudio?

Algostudio is Amibroker bridge built on top of Upstox API. With Algostudio you can place manual orders, see Market Watch, open orders, Market Depth, Exchange transactions, Trade positions, M2M etc. Unlike other Trading Platforms, Algostudio has been designed for automated trading so that algorithms can be written on top of it or algorithmic orders can be traded through Algostudio

2)What kind of Traders/Investor does AlgoStudio suits?

i)Technical Analyst who has ready made buy and sell trading rules.

ii)Part time traders who knows how to trade and has better trading rules/system but cannot associate themselves with live market all the time.

iii)Fulltime traders or wannabe fulltime traders.

iv)Authorized persons who want to assist their clients and improve their business.

v)Experienced Traders who want to control their trading emotions via rule based trading.

vi)Begineers who want to get a hang of Algorithmic trading and upgrade their trading career with better skills.

3)Do I need Upstox trading account?

Yes currently Algostudio supports Upstox and soon it will be extended to other brokers providing API.

4)Which all charting applications are supported by Algostudio for automated trading?

We have complete integration possible with Amibroker. We are working to integrate Algostudio with Ninjatrader and Metatrader.

5)What is Amibroker?

Amibroker is a charting platform for technical analysis study where one can write their own trading rules in Amibroker AFL language and can send the same buy and sell signals to Algostudio.

If you are very new to Amibroker go thro this basic tutorial on Amibroker


6)What is Amibroker AFL?

Amibroker AFL is a coding vector based programming language allowing the traders/investor to create their own trading indicators, trading systems, buy and sell rules, backtest & optimize your trading ideas.

7)Which version of Amibroker is recommended?

Algostudio supports Amibroker v5.3 and above. However it is always a good pratice to use latest version of Amibroker.

8)Where I can download Amibroker?

You can download Amibroker from amibroker.com

9)Is Amibroker License is mandatory to do Automated Trading?

Algostudio works with Amibroker Trial Version. However having the Amibroker license has more advantage than the lifetime trial version.

10)What is the legal compliance?

Please contact your stock broker or trading member for all legal compliance and regulatory approval related queries as algostudio is just a amibroker bridge on top of brokers API.

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